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News1 26-May-2013
A Management & Staff get together was organized at the Al Falaj Hotel, Muscat.
News1 16-June-2012
Gulf Services opened new branch at DUQM...
News1 28-May-2012
GSIS had Technical Presentation/practical training on DSM series-three head grinders by SCHWAMBORN-GERMANY at NESNAS HALL MAJAN CONTINENTAL HOTEL
News1 16-Apr-2012
Gulf Services participated in OGWA exhibition at at Oman International Exhibition center...
News1 16-Nov-2011
GSIS open new showroom at Barka with EMC division...
One of the key divisions of the company, always striving for excellence in customer satisfaction by extending cost effective and reliable solutions for all welding applications in any industry. The division is backed by reputed international manufacturers in different categories.

Product range includes  

  • Welding consumables
  • Welding machines
  • Welding accessories
  • Pipe Alignment Equipment
  • Abrasive products
  • Plastic welding machines
  • Magnetic Drills
  • Welding Electrodes, Filler wires, Cored wires
  • MMA Welding machines
  • TIG welding machines
  • MIG Welding machines
  • Plasma Cutting machines
  • Automatic Equipment & Welder's Environment Equipments

Diesel Engine Welder

SHINDAIWA welding machines supplies superb and tremendous performance with all new latest technology, especially at pipeline site, two welders into one machine which is beneficial and economical for simultaneous two welding jobs of pipeline. The machine shows durability, reliability, best performance, on harsh condition even small, compact and light weight!!!
  • MMA Welding machines
  • TIG Welding Machines
  • MIG Welding Machines
  • Plasma Cutting machines


  • Pipe cutting & Beveling machines
  • Pipe Alignment & Reforming clamps
  • Welding electrode & Flux ovens Pipe fitter tools and Flange tools.


  •  Weld Measuring gauges
  • EZ Purge
  • Water Soluble paper &Tape
  • EZ Zone Tape
  • Fiback EZ Tape
  • O2 monitors

The Pipe Fusion Experts

Founded in 1954, McElroy Manufacturing has grown from a two-person start-up in an Oklahoma garage, to the industry leader in the science of joining thermoplastic pipe. The pipe fusion process associated with McElroy fusion machines is a widely accepted process that joins two pieces of thermoplastic pipe together with heat and pressure. While commonly associated with high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), our machines are capable of fusing or welding a variety of different types and sizes of pipe. The name McElroy is recognized worldwide as the most reliable, efficient, rugged and technically advanced pipe fusion equipment in the world
  • Electrode Holder
  • Earth Clamp
  • Cable Connectors

  • TIG Torches – Air cooled & Water cooled
  • TIG spares & Accessories Tungsten Electrodes
Hypertherm designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced metal cutting systems for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, oil and gas, heavy equipment, structural steel, and manufacturing. Our product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma cutters and consumables, CNC motion and height controls, CAM software, and fiber laser cutting systems. Hypertherm systems are trusted for fast, precision metal cutting and reliability that results in increased productivity and profitability for tens of thousands of businesses.
  • Mechanized Plasma
  • Handheld Plasma
  • Hypertherm Plasma Consumables
  • Centricut Consumables
  • Controls for Automation
  • Solid Paint Markers
  • Liquid Paint markers
  • Thermo Melt –Temperature Indicators Felt Tip Ink Markers
  • Electrofusion welding units
  • Butt-welding machine
  •  Oxy-Acy Cutting Sets
  •  Flash back arrestors
  •  Reverse Flow check Valves
  •  Oxygen Regulators
  •  Acetylene Regulators
  •  Propane Regulators
  •  LPG Regulators
  •  Heating Torches

Wire Brushes, Abrasive Brushes and Maintenance Brushes

Brushes are used for hundreds of applications such as deburring, metal finishing, weld cleaning, honing, and polishing. Using Osborn brushes in your finishing process improves repeatability and cycle times cleaning, honing, and cycle times.  
  • Electrode Holder
  • Earth Clamp
  • Cable Connectors
  • Cylinder Trolley
  • Cylinder Key
  • Chipping hammer
  • Electrode Quivers
  • Welding Cable
  • Magnetic Drills
  • HSS Cutters